№40th Bi-weekly Reports|Client end development|Development team expansion| KANBAN

eXchangily’s technology development progress summary:

The current development of the eXchangily decentralized exchange is progressing rapidly, and KANBAN further realizes the rapid verification of the transaction. The expansion of the team has accelerated the overall development process. At the same time, after a long period of screening, eXchangily’s overall design has also begun to operate and will be released to the community after the overall design is completed.

At the same time, eXchangily decentralized exchanges pay more attention to the overall construction of the background, eXchangily’s overall technical solution will meet the needs of users from the performance of liquidity, order matching, and transaction depth.


In the past two weeks, the team built and implemented the test SCAR smart contract function. When the user initiates the command, the digital assets will be extracted from the fabchain, the information will be stored on fabchain, and the fabchain transaction measures will be further improved, and the bridge relay function will be completed to realize the payment. Transfer and withdrawal functions to meet the trading and transfer needs of users around the world.

This week, we will continue to debug the chain transfer and withdrawal function tests and to test the bridge relay function, and realize KANBAN workflow optimization and transaction transmission and reception.

2. eXchangily Client End development

The functional design of the eXchangily trading platform is currently completed and enters the development phase, including trading interface, market depth display, wallet management, and multi-digital asset management, market orders tracking and cancellation. The team is working on UI design and the final UI rendering will be announced to the community.

3. Web API/Service

Add existing KANBAN GO features to the WebAPI. At the same time, add more functions of the Web API to the Web Service, and further improve the support documentation of the Web Service, and also provide changes and adjustment reports for the Web Service.

4. eXchangily development team expansion

Recently, the team focused on the needs of technology development, the billion-currency team further expanded its technical strength and introduced more development forces to speed up the development of the eXchangily exchange and improve the speed of the overall project. Introduce more technical power to the development of the eXchangily decentralized exchange.

5. Community and Cooperation

eXchangily CEO Dora Tang is invited to teach at the Cleveland University blockchain course in Ohio, USA

Cleveland State University, in the fall of 2019, will officially open a blockchain course as a graduate credit course and will be taught by Dr. Dora Tang, CEO of eXchangily. The course includes blockchain principles and applications, and eXchangily and FAB public blockchain will enter the course as a case.

Ohio is quite friendly with blockchain technology. Warren Davidson, a federal member from Ohio, has given strong support to the development of the blockchain industry. It has proposed legislation prohibiting financial and securities regulators from interfering with the development of the blockchain industry.

The key technology solutions for the Canadian FAB public blockchain have been approved by the US Patent Office.

After more than two years of strict approval, the key technology solutions for the Canadian FAB public blockchain have been approved by the US Patent Office. FAB founder Paul Liu said that technology is a key technology solution for the current blockchain and one of the important technical solutions for large-scale blockchain applications. It is understood that the US patent review takes a long time and basically takes two years or more. Since 2014, FAB has developed public blockchain technology and is committed to solving the practical application of decoupling of blockchains. The other patents applied during the period will also be announced to the community later.

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