FAB’s 2018 Year In Review

We look back on a pivotal year for FAB

This past year has been one of major change within the blockchain landscape. The beginning of the year brought mainstream relevance and money, a wide range of development projects and greater interest in the blockchain space. The end of 2018 has seen the cryptocurrency market hit a slump, and- consequently- weak projects being phased out of the market.

2019 projects to be a year when we see the top blockchain solutions make a push into production and integration with existing business solutions and everyday life.

Looking back at the past year for FAB, we accomplished incredible goals:

  • 27 summits
  • 7 media interviews
  • 26 meetups
  • 5 scientific and technological innovation competitions
  • 14 partnerships
  • Active in 30 cities around the world
  • 14 online seminars
  • 2002029 lines of code
  • 37375 code files

The FAB team is still not slacking, working hard in accordance with our whitepaper. For 2019, we have three major goals:

  1. Release the Final Version of Fast Access Blockchain
  2. Launch eXchangily, the next-gen decentralized exchange and payment gateway
  3. Develop enterprise applications with our partners and businesses

Here’s a more detailed overview of what we accomplished in 2018.


FA Enterprise System Inc. was established in August 2014 to create a better blockchain that could handle enterprise applications. After more than three years of in-depth research, FAB was established in 2018 and work on the project began.


  • Built a FAB foundation chain test network
  • Launched a Token Generation Event


  • Developed a full-node wallet for Fabcoin
  • Created the FAB mining module that uses the Equihash mining algorithm through a computers GPU


  • Test Network released on March 14th
  • Main Network released on March 28th
  • Created a mechanism to prevent anti-Asic attacks on the mining network


  • Released a new mining software with our CUDA software update
  • Completed the Fabcoin token swap
  • Released a Mac OS full-node wallet


  • We conducted a series of high-intensity tests for network functions, search functions and more on our blockchain in preparation for building the Kanban network (Universal State Layer)
  • Began working on our Smart Contract
  • Completed a first version of our mobile wallet, with basic functions and continuous testing of functional security


  • Released the Beta version of the mobile wallet for Android devices
  • Smart Contract modules for fabcoinsc-dev, fabcoind, fabcoin-qt, fabcoin-cli are completed and pass various tests
  • Created a separate network system for Kanban and measured the performance by deploying test nodes on AWS
  • Improved backend services and data measurement


  • After several months of research, Kanban entered the formal implementation stage in early July
  • Settled on the Kanban consensus protocol and the encryption of underlying operations. Worked towards proof of concept for the network.
  • Began an in-depth study of the algorithm for coordinating the FAB main network and side chains
  • Improved the mobile wallet UX/UI, created address QR code generation function
  • Smart contract implementation code is synchronized, combed and improved


  • The Force, Basic Edition (FAB’s hard fork) runs stably on the test network
  • New mining mechanism solutions are being developed
  • Launched the first large-scale decentralized application project for FAB: eXchangily decentralized exchange
  • Completed the Kanban network communication development for the test network
  • Created a Kanban Schnorr multi-signature algorithm
  • Released the mobile wallet for IOS


  • The Force, Basic Edition adds new features
  • A new mining mechanism called Equihash FAB is built
  • Created an innovative aggregate signature algorithm and successfully embedded it in the Kanban code.
  • Built a communication system between Kanban and the main network
  • FAB’s online smart contract wallet begins being built
  • Upgraded the CUDA mining software


  • The Force hard fork was successfully done at 5:53 am on October 28th
  • Mining mechanism settings update completed
  • Mining software upgrade completed
    Kanban has completed the main channel, node account and group management, complete account and information storage, build data and main chain synchronization, etc., test the test environment single Single Shard speed to 1800tps-2000tps transaction speed
    Kanban cross-Shard communication is under construction, and the implementation of multiple shard transactions will further meet the actual application needs of the enterprise and complete the demo.
  • FAB smart contract wallet completed
  • Updated the mobile wallet
  • Full-node wallet upgrade fabcoin.pro/runtime.html


  • Windows mining software is developed and tested
  • Strategic cooperation with IBM, providing free resources for support by IBM (node ​​/ network / storage / analyst / customer / channel)
  • Mobile wallet is further updated to support creation and storing of tokens (You can add tokens to the wallet from the token list; the QR code can be used to accept tokens and support base58 and hex addresses.
  • Finished Beta version of an online smart contract wallet;Fabcoins.online
  • Foundation chain account data is synchronized with KANBAN, and the foundation chain to side chain transfer function is completed
  • Deployed the FAB foundation blockchain to the IBM cloud
  • Established a Kanban-test environment


  • Released fabcoinjs-lib
  • Set up WebAPI on IBM cloud
  • Set up WebAPI restart and monitoring services
  • Deployed Kanban to the IBM cloud
  • Deployed Kanban WebAPI and signature performance testing
  • Improved mobile wallet and smart contract wallet

FAB Global Footprint

Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago, Beijing, Shenzhen, Montreal, New York, Cleveland, Macau, Hong Kong, Hefei, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Waterloo, Weifang, Hangzhou, Switzerland, Milan, Brussels, Morocco, Malta, Washington, Qinhuangdao, Tokyo, Zhengzhou and more.

The FAB Foundation team has been everywhere this year building our community.

In the Community

January 12th- FAB co-hosted the Finwise Macau Blockchain Summit where Paul Liu gave a keynote speech

January 18th- FAB press conference in Beijing

January 19th- Spoke with the Director of the Digital Currency Institute of the People’s Bank of China

January 23rd- FAB held a technical seminar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston

February 15th- FAB President Paul Liu gave a speech at York University and announced the launch of the Fast Access Blockchain

March 5th- Paul Liu was invited to participate in the Toronto C-lab Blockchain Entrepreneurial Competition as a juror

March 6th- FAB visited Huawei’s headquarters in Toronto and met with Huawei’s Vice President of the Central Research Institute.

March 7th- FAB introduces our blockchain development platform at Brussels Engineering College

March 8th- FAB Foundation sponsors the Women’s Blockchain Training Competition in Toronto

June 16th- FAB attended the Toronto Virtual Reality Conference Toronto conference and delivered a presentation

June 18th- FAB, IBM, Huawei and other well-known enterprises jointly held a blockchain talent recruitment conference

June 22nd- FAB participated in the OKEX listing vote and successfully won to be listed on the exchange

July 8th- FAB entered into a strategic partnership with Health Block Identity (HBI) of Canada

July 10th- FAB officially reached a partnershuo with Artcryption, a Canadian art project

July 12th- FAB was nominated for the Excellence in Innovation Enterprise Award from the Markham Board of Trade

July 14th- FAB is designated as the official educational arm of the Global Women in Blockchain

July 16th- the first community meetup event in Beijing was successfully held by the FAB Ambassadors

July 20th- FAB founder Paul Liu interviews with Golden Financial

July 31st- Dr. Yacine, Professor of Blockchain at La Rochelle University, France visits FAB

August 3rd- the Wanjin City Trade Commission visited the FAB offices

August 5th- Dr. Shada Alsalamsh from MIT visits FAB

August 14th- FAB participated in the ChainXChain Blockchain and Experimental Technology Conference in Las Vegas

August 15th- FAB participated in the Toronto Futurist Conference

August 16th- Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Windsor visits FAB

August 17th- Super Lychee Golf Academy visits FAB and signs cooperation agreement

August 18th- FAB volunteers at the Markham Food Bank

August 22nd- the FAB went to Montreal for the Capture the Blockchain event

August 23rd- FAB visited Concordia University and give a presentation

August 30th- Chairman of China’s famous Food Ecology Safety Group visited FAB

September 9th- FAB’s founder attends the Zhengzhou Silicon Valley Technology Industry Launch and delivers a speech

September 10th- FAB’s sponsored Toronto FAB Grasshoppers won the Panda Cup Table Tennis Championship in Toronto

September 11th- FAB’s CMO presents a speech at Blockchain for Real People at the IBM Toronto campus

September 12th- Liza Horowitz, CMO, was invited to interview with Ledger Today 1Q&A

September 19th- FAB visited Hefei Artificial Intelligence Base

September 21st- Paul was invited to Shanghai Jiaotong University for academic exchanges

September 23rd- the FAB team went to a Weifang investors meeting

September 27th- FAB met with Yao Qian, director of the People’s Bank of China Research Institute

September 28th- FAB held talks with the executive director of the Institute of Internet Information Law of Renmin University of China

September 28th- Paul Liu and eXchangily Founder Dora Tang went to the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit in Tokyo, Japan and delivered a speech

September 28th- FAB’s CEO participated in the Toronto Blockchain Impact Investment Summit

September 30th- FAB met with China’s Digital Secretary General

October 2nd- eXchangily’s Super Lychee Golf Series officially kicked off

October 20th- FAB went to the Cleveland Investor Line to meet with investors

October 24th- the FAB team went to Toronto for the autumn Blockchain Summit to share technology

October 24th- FAB’s CEO participated in the Moroccan Blockchain Technology Conference from October 24th to 26th

November 1st- FAB attends the blockchain awards conference in Malta

November 3rd- Paul Liu held an event under the Toronto Chinese Business Line at the FAB offices

November 6th- FAB participates in the Wanjin City Awards Dinner

November 8th- FAB attended the technology innovation event organized by Canadian Credit Union Association

November 10th- the CEO of eXchangily gave a seminar to the Cleveland State University EMBA students

November 16th- FAB, the DMZ and Bitcoin Bay host the Blockhack Hackathon at Ryerson University in Toronto

November 22nd- The FAB Foundation hosted an entrepreneurial exchange event in conjunction with the Wanjin Trade Commission

November 29th- Participated in the Crypto Hackathon organized by Deloitte

Online Seminars

August 5th- Decentralized Exchanges and technical solutions, Dora Tang

August 26th- Encrypted Money Markets and Blockchain Development Trends, Paul Liu

September 1st- Analysis of blockchain technology and business model, Bao Minghui

September 9th- Applications Based on the Blockchain, David Zhang

September 15th- Exploring the meaning of blockchain and understanding the purpose, Jason Zhang

September 22nd- Blockchain Reconstruction of Traditional Business Logic, Bo Zhiquan

September 30th- Decentralized Exchanges Reshape Digital Currency Trading, Liza Horowitz

October 1st- Insights into the opportunity: how decentralized exchanges reshape digital currency transactions, Liza Horowitz

October 10th- Technology Declassification, Xiaoming An

October 20th- Canada’s first art blockchain application 1/2, Vandana Taxali

October 27th- Canada’s first art blockchain application 2/2, Vandana Taxali

November 2nd- FAB’s Upgraded Mining Solution, Jason Hong

November 13th- FAB Developer Training Camp — Building FAB-Based High Performance Enterprise Applications, FAB Developer Team

December 8th- Flagship of the Internet Age, Paul Liu

High Performance Blockchain for Enterprise Applications. Blog: https://medium.com/fast-access-blockchain @FAB_coin https://fabcoin.co Tel https://t.me/fabtoken