Top 4 Benefits of Using 7StarPay for Merchants

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4 min readJan 20, 2022

7StarPay is creating new ways to make your shopping experience easier. As hackers and security threats become more prevalent in the trade world, the need for safer payment systems rises. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basics of 7StarPay, and top 4 benefits that 7StarPay offers for merchants and consumers. If you are interested in learning how you can grow your business with 7StarPay, contact us at or call 216–233–4316 to speak with a specialist.

What is 7StarPay?

7StarPay is the fastest, easiest, and safest on-chain cryptocurrency payment tool in the market. This payment tool works perfectly for merchants, and consumers’ daily shopping activities.

It is a form of payment that doesn’t require you to insert, swipe or tap your card. Instead, you scan the merchant’s QR code, and pay with cryptocurrency on a mobile device. Crypto payment makes it easy, and simple for users to check out, and go.

The basics of 7StarPay

7StarPay is a form of crypto payment tool. Users can easily download the 7StarPay app at Apple App and Google Play Store on a mobile device. 7StarPay uses a digital wallet to store your crypto assets, and payment information. You can use 7StarPay in stores, in apps, and online. This method of payment makes it easy to make transactions wherever you shop.

As a merchant, it is super easy to start offering 7StarPay as one of your payment methods. All you need is to create a merchant account at and set up your 7StarPay wallet, and cashier system. If you already have a 7StarPay wallet, you’re quickly on your one step ahead in beginning to accept 7StarPay.

If you want to have 7StarPay as a payment method in your store, please let us know at and we can help you to set it up.

4 Benefits of Using 7StarPay

As a merchant, you’re probably wondering what you will get out of accepting 7StarPay as one of your payment methods. There are four benefits that will help both you…